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0 ARC Purpose and Guidelines Ben Guidarelli, Stéphane Barroso


1 Algorand Wallet Transaction Signing API Fabrice Benhamouda
2 Algorand Transaction Note Field Conventions Fabrice Benhamouda
3 Conventions Fungible/Non-Fungible Tokens Fabrice Benhamouda
5 Wallet Transaction Signing API (Functional) DanBurton
6 Algorand Wallet Address Discovery API DanBurton
7 Algorand Wallet Post Transactions API DanBurton
8 Algorand Wallet Sign and Post API DanBurton
9 Algorand Wallet Algodv2 and Indexer API DanBurton
10 Algorand Wallet Reach Minimum Requirements DanBurton
11 Algorand Wallet Reach Browser Spec DanBurton
16 Convention for declaring traits of an ASA's Keegan Thompson
18 Royalty Enforcement Specification Cosimo Bassi, Ben Guidarelli, Steve Ferrigno, Adriano Di Luzio, Jason Weathersby
19 Templating of NFT ASA URLs for mutability Patrick Bennett / TxnLab Inc.
20 Smart ASA Cosimo Bassi, Adriano Di Luzio, John Jannotti
21 Round based datafeed oracles on Algorand ori-shem-tov
25 Algorand WalletConnect v1 API JasonPaulos
26 URI scheme Fabrice Benhamouda, Ben Guidarelli
28 Algorand Event Log Spec Dan Burton
69 ASA Parameters Conventions, Digital Media Chris Antaki, AlgoKittens, TommyAlex79

Last Call

NumberReview endsTitleAuthor
15 2023-02-15 Encrypted Short Messages Stéphane Barroso, Paweł Pierścionek
23 Sharing Application Information Stéphane Barroso, Fabrice Benhamouda


22 Add `read-only` annotation to ABI methods ori-shem-tov


4 Application Binary Interface (ABI) Jannotti, Jason Paulos

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